Sadism in the Time Of Covid

Sadism is defined as the tendency to derive pleasure from the pain, suffering and humiliation of others. Sadism has largely been ignored as a subject as time passes and the memories of atrocities of World War II and the mass killings by the USSR and Mao fade. There has been some renewal in examining the pleasure individuals derive from the suffering of others by the mental health community. In particular, psychologists have expanded the term “Dark Triad” to include sadism and coined the term “Dark Tetrad”. Individuals displaying this phenomenon exhibit anti-social personality disorder (psychopathy and/or sociopathy depending on definition), narcissism, and Machiavellianism combined with sadistic tendencies. People who display the dark triad damage people. Those who are down the rabbit hole of the tetrad not only inflict pain on others but derive joy from doing so. It seems as if their dopamine system has been hijacked and they seek more intense and frequent emotional and physical tortures on their victims. Just like porn addicts, they seem to need more and more stimulation to satisfy their cravings. What begins with peeking at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition can lead to watching simulated rapes.

Sadism in not usually condoned in most civilized societies even though the practice may be rationalized thanks to various forms of social conditioning. When we study history, we are struck by how frequent it is for seemingly benign individuals who previously lived quiet and uneventful lives to become sadistic torturers and murderers. This is especially true when they get caught up in mass hysteria. One fact needs to be emphasized. Never do individuals caught under the spell of mass delusion ever believe they are being irrational. In fact, people caught up in the psychosis angrily defend themselves if called out. This does not include those cowards who go along with the mob to either save themselves or advance their careers. An example of the latter are those Europeans who were not anti-Semitic but happily volunteered to murder men, women and children in some of the most horrific ways imaginable during the Holocaust. The Holocaust is one of a countless slaughters. Most are now largely forgotten historic events. If one believes that the persecution of the Uyghurs is the first historic atrocity committed by China, they are as ignorant as Lebron James. The Holocaust was not the only time Jews were the victims of mass murder nor is the persecution of the Uyghurs the first time China has gone on a genocidal rampage.

Career advancement or going along with the crowd to ensure personal safety does not explain why some individuals actively seek committing atrocities. After all, throwing children into gas chambers was not the only or even best way to get a promotion in the German military. German soldiers who chose not to be cold blooded murderers were not punished by historic accounts. Clearly, there are some of us who are eager to rape, torture, steal from and murder others. The reason seems clear: sadism.

A recent survey of Canadians indicated that 70% of their countrymen favor the loss of jobs for the unvaccinated. This is despite the fact that Canada is one of the most vaccinated nations on the planet. It also demonstrates how, when times get tough, people show their true selves. Authoritarian Quebec has imposed a strict curfew and the government is trying to levy a special tax on the unvaccinated. Sadly, the majority of Quebecers agree with these measures. Quebecers have never seemingly got over the fall of Vichy France. Canadians, quite rightfully had a reputation as a very live and let live place. This is no longer true. Nor is America, the land of the free and home of the brave, exempt from mass sadism. Half of all Democrats want to put people in jail for even questioning the efficacy of the vaccines and almost 60% support putting the unvaccinated under house arrest. Many North Americans support measures that would make Mussolini quell with delight. They use public safety as the excuse, forgetting that most mass atrocities are always justified by the same argument.

We ascribe these totalitarian inclinations to fear and sadism. Frankly, fear is less a factor than sadism although fear is important as there must be a “threat”. Even if we accept the mainstream narrative of risk in this phase of the pandemic, the unvaccinated are not a serious material risk to the vaccinated. Here are the facts that the mainstream scientific community agree on. 1) Omicron is incredibly contagious. Most people will be exposed to it and masks and social distancing will, at best, slightly delay your exposure by a matter of days at best. 2) A person’s probability of dying after contracting omicron is very low. 3) The vaccines are ineffective in preventing or transmitting omicron but lower ones risk of serious illness and death. 3) It follows logically from these facts that the vaccinated have an extremely low risk of a bad outcome and it is lower than the unvaccinated who don’t seem to have much to worry about either especially for the healthy non-aged. Yet the vaccinated who are displaying intolerance are far more terrified than the unvaccinated. Given these three facts, and the fact that the overwhelming majority of people are vaccinated and a significant number of the unvaccinated have natural immunity by now, the unvaccinated do not pose a material risk to the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated, at this point, pose less risk to the vaccinated than drivers pose to each other. In an average year, almost 40,000 Americans die in car accidents. More drivers and passengers will be killed in the next twelve months than vaccinated persons will die as a result of getting Covid from the unvaccinated.

When I was a child growing up in Montreal, people there and elsewhere were preoccupied with the World War II. It was still fresh in people’s minds. In my neighborhood, most fathers were World War II veterans, grandfathers were veterans of the Great War and some, like my parents were Holocaust survivors. Most English language families had at least one relative who did not survive the wars. It seemed like most people had The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer on their bookshelf. Many debated one of Shirer’s main themes that the rise of Nazism was due to something inherent in the German character and not the ideology of totalitarianism. In retrospect, many of that generation (the book was published in 1960) were comfortable with belief that German’s were intrinsically evil and such madness could never happen in their countries. Americans, Canadians, Brits and almost everyone else were too virtuous to ever go down that road.

As we now know after many mass killings since then, Germans were not unique. Whether in Cambodia, the old Yugoslavia or Communist China, the capacity to engage is mass sadism begins with scapegoating a group. It may be the another religion, productive farmers, the college educated, or another tribe or linguistic group. When nations have problems, tyrants seize and maintain power whether by force or by the ballot box. In either case, they need the support of seemingly ordinary people. Despots never accept responsibility for their failures or blame bad fortune. A scapegoat must be chosen. Then the population must be convinced that life is miserable but would be wonderful if the scapegoat was punished for their crimes. The state then uses its power to socially condition the population into a hate filled mass hysteria. Hatred fuels the desire for revenge for the imaginary offenses. This ultimately turns countrymen, neighbors and friends into homicidal sadists. Many are physical cowards who support persecution, torture and murder but will not do it themselves. Many others become moral cowards who look the other way and deceive themselves into believing the atrocities never happened. Villagers near the Nazi deathcamps claimed not to recognize the smell of burning flesh. American reporters shill for Stalin.

Group hatred results in sadism. People become addicted to the hormonal rush released the feeling of total power. We see that in today’s social media. People are routinely attacked for stepping out of line in our post-modern world. A person’s life can be ruined. They can lose their livelihood and friends for jokes they made decades before which were acceptable at the time. People can be denied banking services if they are Donald Trump supporters. One can be denied entry into a restaurant or store if they refuse to show their vaccination passport and a photo ID. The unvaccinated can be vilified, ostracized and persecuted. In Canada and other nations, the majority favor this mistreatment and are cheered on by our morally degenerate leaders. The unvaccinated did not create the Covid debacle. They did not ruin the economy. They did not cause the death on tens of thousands of people who could not see their doctors and waited too long to be screened for cancer as happened in the UK and obviously other nations. The unvaxxed did not precipitate an explosion of drug addiction, overdoses, domestic assaults, depression and suicide.

Our political leaders brought this upon us with the help of the mainstream media and the corporate entertainment complex. However, not all the blame is theirs. Many allowed themselves to be socially conditioned and become figurative capons. A capon, if you did not know is a castrated chicken. Moral cowardice and intellectual weakness begets hatred and hatred begets sadism with all it’s horrible consequences. Mass delusions eventually burn themselves out as reason eventually returns to men and women, one by one. The question one should ask themselves in the quiet recesses of their rational mind is: will future generations remember them as someone who stood against the tyrants and their schemes or as one of the mindless sadists who succumbed to madness and lost their virtue.




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